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(ORGANIZED BY: - ZADSON MINISTRIES) 5- 15-8 Pallekondavari veedhi Ithanagar

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Our Ministries & Orphanhood View Zadson Ministries was established in 2003 year and Registered by Indian Govenment with bearing Number 6 of 2004 year by word of God is as said in the Bible Isaiah. 58:12. And also activities had been taken from Isaiah 58 chapter is as insight of Lord. Zadson ministries is a Registered Non- Government Organisation dedicated to the salavation of orphans and needy children. The Ministry operates an orphanage home in India. For some tim e ago, it came to our attention that Hyderbad street alone 10 orphans were wrestling themselves one an other for one ruined bread which was throwned out by owner of kiosk. Otherwise they are abandoned and left to die of starvation or exposure. We kenw beyond doubt that our Lord was prodding us to do some thing about this crying need. Our goal is to meet the needs as a result of the AIDS pandemic in India, by placing AIDS affected and infected, children into loving, stable christian environments in order to encourage them to become upright citizens and agents of change in India and the world. It is a demanding, yet rewaring experience for all who are prepared to sacrifice their time and energy in loving God's children. Zadson Ministries thanks you for inquiring about orphans. We are grateful for ever person, couple and family who willing and able to open thei heart and home to orphans who have been left abandoned and orphand.



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(ORGANIZED BY:- ZADSON MINISTRIES) Pallekondavari veedhi Ithanagar (post)

Tenali-522201 Andhra pradesh, S. India

Cell :- 91+09963250996